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An idea that carries itself!


Boxes sets

Our Bambini box is available in many different versions. You can choose between different prefabricated designs or order your own personal box with individual look from our customer consultant.

Bambini-Box - Set VII

Complete menu box
With drink

Bambini-Box - Set VI

Menu box without drink
Without drink


The Lolly

MINI permanent lollipops after meals are a sweet reward and treat for children. What's more, they are quickly sucked up. But be responsible and pay attention to healthy eating and offer the children alternatives with salad, vegetables, nuts and fruit, etc.


The Drink

Joyce im wiederverschließbaren 200 ml Tetrapak in Orange und Apfelgeschmack hat einen wiederverschließbaren Schraubverschluss, der zu 50 % aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen hergestellt wurde. Und vegan ist Joyce auch. Kinder sind immer in Bewegung. Deshalb hat Joyce einen Schraubverschluß und eine bruchsichere Verpackung.


The gift

Oriented to the current market trends, as well as to the wishes of our customers and the children, the inserts to our Bambini box are always changing and up-to-date. Each toy goes through several checks before we use it. Therefore, all toys are documented with corresponding test results, certificates/declarations of conformity.

The toy

To meet the expectations of children, we offer different supplements of games, fun and adventure.

The ballon

We offer and use only balloons, which are made of 100% natural latex and therefore biodegradable.


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72 Trage– und Snackboxen, 72 Geschenke, 72 Getränke, 72 Luftballons, 72, Dauerlutscher

We only work with traders. An entrepreneur is someone who independently carries out a commercial or professional activity.

Ab 7.200 Stück (100 Sets a 72 Stück)

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