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That's how you pack the flavor!

An idea that carries itself

Benefit from the opportunity to use a learned and proven marketing concept in your restaurant. Parents and families will gratefully take the opportunity to take advantage of an offer geared towards children.

To successfully address children - and their parents - you need to have a Form a symbiosis of the interests of the two target groups. The design of the food safe snack box as well as the carry box appeal to children at that age. The children's toys change regularly and at least two new designs per year create variety and will lead to repeat visits to your restaurant.

Inspire your young customers sustainably and provide for the clientele of tomorrow.

Food makes the difference

With the food of your catering business you create the crucial difference and each Bambini box carries the message of delicious food to their young customers. In the snack box you can pack French fries, chicken nuggets, kebab, fried noodles, fruit, vegetables, fish sticks, quark balls, speculoos, nut cookies or salads.

Take advantage of the children's "quängelfaktor" and create an environment in which the children feel comfortable and can occupy themselves after the meal with the balloon, the toy and finally with the permanent lollipop. This caters to the children's interests and play instincts and makes for happy faces.

The principle

The practical box-in-box principle

With the menu box, you not only pack small treats, but also offer your customers a handy and proverbial tasty overall package, with which you can easily and cost-optimized enhance your gastronomic offer. The snack box has its own design and can serve as a stand-alone offer and additionally increase your profit. You get two boxes for the price of one. 


Overwrapping that is extra easy to put together in just a few simple steps.


Food safe and high quality produced according to INREka certification standard for hygiene management systems and DIN EN 15593

Your Advantage

Small box, big effect

Take advantage of the Menu Box for more sales, more profits and higher customer loyalty.

Bind families to your company and create a long-term and sustainable loyal relationship with the children.

Supplement your core range with offers with a fun factor that families and groups with children in particular will enjoy.

Our free extra: You will receive two uniform posters in DIN A2 free of charge to put your menu boxes in the limelight in an eye-catching way. 

Free images: We provide you with high-quality images that you can use for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google or your own website. Connect the analog with the digital world.

Strong sales

Combine your gastronomic offerings into a wide variety of "all-inclusive products" that effectively increase the share of impulse purchases.


You supplement your core range with offers with a fun factor that families in particular enjoy.


You can always re-populate the menu box and customize it depending on the action.


In line with the modern "to-go culture", you can offer your customers and guests trend-oriented snacks and mini-menus.


Bee & Varroa mite

The story of the bee and the Varroa mite


Shark & Treasure

The story of the shark and the treasure chest

Rabbit & Carrot

The story of the rabbit & the carrot






Delfin & Oktopus

The story of the dolphin and the octopus

Lion & Mouse 

The story of the lion and the mouse 

AMonkey & Crocodile

The story of the monkey & the crocodile

Día de los Muertos

The story of a Mexican holiday

Jack O´Lantern

The story of the blacksmith Jack O'Lantern

The Space Bambini Box (limited edition)

Olympus Mons is the largest volcano in our solar system and was named after the seat of the Greek gods. Its dimensions are gigantic. It is - with a base diameter of 600km - 22 km high. Marina 4 flew past Mars on July 15, 1965 at a distance of 9,846 km and delivered the first close-up images, a total of 22 photos. 

The Space Bambini Box (limited edition) 

  • Planet                                                    Mars
  • Radius                                                   ca. 3.390 km
  • Surface 144.800.00 km2
  • Length of a Mars day (Sol) 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 sec.
  • Orbital period around the sun 687 days
  • Ø Distance from Earth 228 million kilometers
  • Minimum temperature -153° Celsius
  • Maximum temperature +20° Celsius


To the point

The Lolly

MINI permanent lollipops after meals are a sweet reward and treat experience for children. 30% sugar reduced!

The Drink

Joyce im wiederverschließbaren 200 ml Tetrapak in Orange und Apfelgeschmack.

The gift

Oriented to the market trends, as well as to the wishes of children, the toys are always changing and up-to-date.

Do you have any further questions about the Bambini Box?

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